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For us, this job was a lot more than just a branding and packaging project.

We created a positioning for this line of Garnacha Atlantic wine that makes from the reality of Bodegas Nekeas, a brand; of its own story, an advantage. And that advantage, a gap in the market.

Vivantis is born under the concept ´stories to tell´ from Nekeas. Stories of their valley, of their people and the winery itself, which dates back to 1572 (the year in which the first manuscript appears, associating their land to the elaboration of their wine).

Vivantis talks about living, or even more, of surviving, the improvement over time, the effort, the work and the fight… and to stand up and defend when the circumstances are unfavourable. Because this is the only way something big can convert into something even bigger.

To sum up, Vivantis is a tribute to the old vines of Nekea. Those who have endured plague, the process of industrialisation which partly depopulated the valley, wars, invasions…

The first harvest is dedicated to those who survived the adverse weather conditions (tornados, droughts and blizzards)

Soon… more stories to tell and good wine to toast.