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2010 According to statistics from the Municipal Police, there were a total of 2,585 traffic accidents in Pamplona and many of those involved were children.


We set ourselves a challenge: to try and minimise the accident levels. Becasue we like our work even more when we can see that a simple idea can contribute towards to the common good. So, with a clear concept and a lot of enthusiasm we presented a low cost campaign to the Town Hall of Pamplona that we believed would work.


The focus of the campaign was to adapt ourselves to the language of children, enter their imagination and salvage from their visual codes the representation of a hazard that, for many of them, was a monster with teeth and the face of a villain.


We took the monster to a place where kinds could see it and understand it and we painted it on the floor of the zebra crossings near schools. This way, besides making use of the process to repaint the pedestrian crossings in the city, we managed to make a figure that didn’t change the original layout very much and that communicated the message just when it had to be transmitted.



That way we reminded youngsters (and one or two absent minded adults and drivers) that they were in a place where they should be careful and pay attention.


Different national press, radio and TV media, as well as online media and one of the comic strips of the artist César Oroz, made mention of our campaign.


Así recordábamos a los más pequeños (y de paso a algún mayor despistado y a los conductores) que estaban en un lugar en el que debían de ser cautelosos y prestar atención.


Diferentes medios de prensa, radio y televisión nacionales, además de medios on line y una de las tiras cómicas del dibujante César Oroz, se hicieron eco de nuestra campaña.