The Saioa Patxaran brand commissioned us with the design of its label to give it a distinguishing touch.


We turned the concept about face and proposed to associate the patxaran to our land, but using a perspective that’s completely different from the one that’s usually used in this type of product: we wanted to talk about its origins (beyond those of the sloe berry) and we associated it with the world of the Basque sport of pelota.


What’s more, we decided to do something along the lines of the major drinks brands and boost the collectable value of the bottles. By doing so, instead of creating one single label to help to sell one single bottle, we boosted sales at the cash desk and, what’s more important, we gave a highly effective visual image, as it encourages a lot of bar owners to display the bottles on their shelves and so help to make them visible to customers and, when they ask for a drink, make sure that it’s Saioa Patxaran.