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In Pamplona, a delicious and healthy diet is seen as essential and necessary, and even provokes great passion. However, a number of studies concluded that the nutritional quality of children’s diets in Pamplona was steadily getting worse year by year.


The Markets of Pamplona, via the Town Hall, told use that to raise awareness and educate parents about how to offer their children a healthy diet, they had organised a set of educational talks.


Our mission was to give information about them and encourage people to attend. Our challenge: go that little bit further and find a channel that wasn’t the usual one for this type of event (mailing, circulars, etc.) and which would enable use to reach the largest possible number of parents more effectively.


After several ideas, we found the perfect channel: the kids themselves. If we could transmit the importance of a balanced, healthy diet to the little ones, we’d be creating a much more useful campaign (we’d be contributing to their education and, what’s more, we’d be ensuring that the parents would receive the message. But, how to tell/educate/involve children in our campaign?


Well, by using one of the most effective ways when you talk to a child: asking if he or she wants to play. We designed some colourful cut outs of different foods and we want from school to school, giving them to kids as an activity to do together with their parents at home. The foods were very eye-catching, but they also contained the invitation to attend the talks.


The result was hundreds of perfectly cut out carrots, watermelons and haddocks, fun with the family, a lot of kids now aware of the importance of what they eat and attendance levels of parents at the talks that were much higher than expected.