Lo mejor de lo nuestro, lo mejor de Navarra


In addressing any strategic and positioning project we always feel a bit giddy. But when it comes to a brand that has been around for over 10 years, that covers almost 100 companies, that strives to do the right thing, and is also ´home grown´ the respect is huge.

So, we confronted the project of positioning for Reyno Gourmet. After:
Hundreds of hours of analysis, documentation and tests, thousands of brainstorming’s and juggling the creative concept and a million of reflections about tomatoes, peppers, wine, artichokes, asparagus, DOP´s, IGP´s, integrated productions, and ecology.

We realised that what we had to do was very ‘easy’. We had to try to position Reyno Gourmet as they are: A stamp of guaranteed natural quality, behind which are a lot of people struggling to make the best of our land, our tradition, and our innovation. That simple, that complicated.

Our proposition won the positioning, and we celebrated with…the best of us, of course ☺