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In recent years a number of studies have brought to light an alarming statistic amongst the adolescent population of Navarre: an increase in chauvinist stereotypes and the normalisation of behaviour in intimate relationships based on jealousy and possessiveness.


The Government of Navarre, in collaboration with the Sport and Youth Institute of Navarre and the Family and Equality Institute of Navarre, commissioned us with the design of a book about preventing gender violence in adolescence geared particularly towards teaching staff.


Juan Lillo Simón, the book’s author, decided to give it an untraditional approach by creating a book called Laboramorio, full of questions, games and activities that could be put into practice with groups of young people between 12 and 18.


We were responsible for giving shape to the Laboramorio. It was a real pleasure to participate in an educational project and contribute our grain of sand to enable the new generations to think and learn about healthy conducts in intimate relationships.