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Hello Modern Art!


The University Museum of Navarre wanted to bring 20th century Art History closer to a non-specialist public, and created a set of audiovisual pieces that brought together the vision of different professionals about 10 of the most representative works of art of the last century.


Our mission was to bring together the contents of this analysis in a book. The challenge we set ourselves was to get away from conventionalisms, art terminology and rigid structures and keep faith with the very essence of art: freedom and dialogue.


So we worked on the editorial design of “Hello Modern Art! Conversations about 20th century art”. In the cover we inserted a USB with the multimedia content containing the vision of the experts. Inside we gave the leading role to the works studied without frills or fuss. And on the pages that separated each work from the other, we defined our own vision:


we analysed the colour range of each work and created a “blank book” that was there for the reader to develop a personal dialogue with each work, and at the same time give them a space to note down their own thoughts.


By doing so, “Hello Modern Art” became an interactive multimedia book, and each copy became a unique object.