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Hil arte


Craft beers are revolutionising the beer market. Naparbier is revolutionising everything.

This local brand has converted into one of the most important at a European level, and their capacity to launch new creations and to win over the demanding craft lovers, is unstoppable.

With craft beer of extreme flavours and a solid philosophy, we have created the brand strategy.

‘Hil arte’ means ‘until death’ and is the phrase that best defines the world and the Napar attitude in all dimensions.

For this reason, Napar is always on the dark side and we presented through each new creation a character coming from the underworld and hell, and through their own story, tell us the peculiarities of each beer.

We accompany this brand in all areas: from the labels and the creation of stories, to the factory, the local microbrewery in Barcelona, the website (currently under reconstruction), the networks, the exportation to Japan, Australia or Jupiter if necessary!
It is all a dark and joyous honour.

Always Hil Arte!