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The area of Economic Local Sustainability of the city council of Pamplona requested a proposal to design an image and create the claim ‘a week of local product’, a fair that will take place during the first week of October and wanted to become a benchmark for other communities.


We moved into the world of local, fresh and ecological products, and we decided to make it our own.


We focused on the simplicity of nature, both in the design of the logo as well as in the construction of the claim, and thus, our ‘snail’ was born.


A snail was the perfect metaphor to describe everything we wanted to say: something living, that had reference to slow food, a symbol of sticking to its origin, and a perfect metaphor for this Pamplona tradition of bringing products from our land wherever we go.


The task consisted of, once again, in creating something that was beyond what we had been requested to do, and to give an image and a claim that did more than just announce a gastronomic week, but to help the city council and the people of Pamplona to identify the local product in the markets.