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These days, setting up an employment campaign is a responsibility that weighs something like Obelix’s menhir.


So, the day came when the Red Cross organised a tender for an employment campaign with an added factor: raising awareness about the need to achieve equal opportunities in the world of work, with less emphasis on criteria such as background, gender or age.


We decided we weren’t going to be scared off by the weight we were carrying in our arms and we considered a new approach to the campaign:rce and aware of the fact that what we did would be seen by a lot of potential employers…


Why not take the resource closer to the target?


Why not make main characters out of the people that the Red Cross helps in the search for work?


And why not get them to do their own campaign? After all, preparing your CV is very similar to making the best advertisement about yourself.


So we decided to bring out the heavy artillery and turn the bus shelters into something more than simple posters to keep you company while you wait for the bus. From that day onwards, the bus shelter ads stopped being a simple piece of printed paper and became a living notice board where over a 100 job applicants could advertise themselves, give a summary of their experience, their skills and their professional profiles.


The campaign had a major impact and received a lot of coverage. But it’s too soon to say if we were really successful or not. We’re hoping the phone rings and that Sandra, Evelyn, Ramón or Denzel will tell us that they found a job. That day we’ll let the menhir go and give them a big hug.